Celebrating the “Me” in DeMentia: The Caring With You Approach.

Caring With You Dementia Enrichment Centre is a contemporary centre for Persons with Dementia (Alzheimer's Disease is the most common) . Unlike traditional home care and day care that caters for all types of physical health issues of the elderly, Caring With You was set up to fill a different need in our society.

By celebrating the “Me” in DeMentia, we see the person (the “me” or “I”) instead of the disease. We also understand that each person experiences Dementia differently.

We work exclusively with Persons with Dementia to provide Person-centred Enrichment Program within a holistic framework of cognitive, physical, social and sensory activities.

Our key Dementia Care team hold professional care certifications from various Dementia care associations from Australia.

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A Caregiver's Challenge

It’s one of the hardest roles you may ever have to play, and as the Dementia disease progresses, the challenges get bigger. Luckily, there is help within reach.


Your Loved One

When your loved one has Dementia, it can be distressing, frustrating and lonely for them as they gradually lose their abilities. We understand that each person experiences Alzheimer’s and Dementia differently.

Our Centre

When you visit our Centre, you will find a home-like, non-institutionalized environment with Dementia friendly features.



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