Is a long term contract required?

There is no long term contract required to participate in our Dementia Enrichment Program. We do advise that in order to feel noticeable benefits from our program, we do encourage participation at least 2 sessions per week and for a minimum of one month at the beginning. Our policy does require that you pay in advance before your loved one participates in our program.


What services are included in your session rate?

All activities listed in our Dementia Enrichment Program are included in our session rates. For session-based participants, mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks and beverages are included respectively for morning and afternoon sessions.

Participants who intend to join us for the full day (ie both morning and afternoon sessions), lunch will be provided for a nominal fee.


Is an assessment or family orientation necessary before my loved one can be a CWY Dementia Enrichment Program member?

To ensure that each participant is within the Dementia stage range and not at risk in the centre, an initial care assessment is administered by our Centre Care Manager. We also include a family orientation to families with our centre, its policies and procedures, an in-depth discussion on your loved one’s past experience, likes and dislikes in order to best tailor an enrichment program. The orientation also serves to answer any questions you may have.


Can I arrange for someone else to pick up my loved one?

You must provide us a list of approved individuals who will be able to pick-up your loved one if you (or the main caregiver listed) is unable to do so. If you have someone who will be picking up your family member that is not on our approved list, you must call us that day and let us know. If you do not provide us with that information, we will not release your family member and you may be charged any additional fees for after-hours pick-up.


Is your Centre secure?

Yes. Our centre is secure and includes a locked entry; an enclosed, private garden and security provisions employed by our trained staff.


What if my family member is afraid to go to the Centre?

People with Dementia are usually reluctant the first few times as memory loss tends to cause fear and uncertainty with any new situation. Frequently the ones that were the most adamant in the beginning are the same ones that want to come every day once they adjust. Our staff works closely with families to find creative solutions for persuading a loved-one to attend to the centre on a regular basis.