Our Centre

Our Centre is located in Bukit Damansara and is set up to create a home-like environment with Dementia Friendly features including warm lighting, safety bars in toilets, UK imported dementia-friendly non-slip flooring and custom-made furniture of right height and firmness. Read more about our specific features below.

CWY Centre-43

Art Therapy

A bright and separate room provides dedicated space for art therapy and other creative activities

Main Activity Room

The main activity room has a large space for group programs

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CWY Centre-38

Quiet Lounge

The quiet lounge serves as a quiet space for Music & Memory, reading and individualized activity plans

Sensory Room

The Sensory room (Snoezelen Room) is a space for enjoying a variety of sensory experiences and where gentle stimulation of the senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and movement) can be provided in a controlled way for sensory stimulation or calming effects.

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Large Patio and Garden

2,400 sq ft of outdoor space with areas for gardening, active games or just simple conversation.

We have a Library and Counselling Room available for Caregivers

The library and counselling room is stocked with educational material for family caregivers to support them in their journey with their loved one’s  Dementia. Family caregivers can meet our professional care team for confidential discussions and support.